Atlantic roll

Smoked salmon, avocado, tempura asparagus covered in a tangy chipotle sauce.

$ 9.75

Panda Roll

Fried salmon skin, smoked salmon, Tampico paste covered with avocado, tobiko and chives

$ 12.75

Yellow Submarine roll

Asparagus, Tampico paste, avocado covered with flamed yellow tail hamachi, togarachi and chives.

$ 8.50

Albino Roll

Makarel, cucumber, on the inside, covered with flamed tilapia and hamashi, topped off with our spicy japanese mustard and chives.

$ 12.00

Veggie Tempura Roll

Fried asparagus, tofu, cucumber and avocado battered in golden tempura.

$ 7.50

Crunch Roll

Tempura shrimp, tampico paste, avocado coverd with tempura flakes and our sweet eel sauce

$ 7.75

Atomic roll

Masago paste, carrots, cream cheese covered with tai red snapper, tobico and our special spicy mango sauce.

$ 7.75

Lady Bug Roll

Tuna, tempura asparagus, cream cheese covered with masago, red and black tobico.

$ 11.00

Golden California roll

Crab, avocado, mango, cream cheese, lightly battered in golden tempura topped with spicy mango sauce.

$ 8.00

Corona roll

Spicy tuna, tempura shrimp, covered with yellow tail and sesame seeds topped fresh squeezed lime juice on top.

$ 10.50

Pancho Villa roll

Spicy hamachi, cucumber, masago paste covered with tuna and avocado topped with tobico.

$ 13.00

Fire Cracker Roll

Explosive spicy tuna in the middle covered in flamed tilapia, hamachi and salmon, topped off with spicy Japanese mustard and masago.

$ 9.50

Spicy (Hamachi,Baby scallops and Salmon)

Choose your favorite fish and spice it up a bit

$ 10.00

Spicy Scallops Roll

Avocado, cucumber on the inside and flamed baby scallops in our spicy mix outside

$ 9.00

Frida Roll

Hamashi, spicy hamashi, avocado, cilantro, jalapeño and ponzu sauce.

$ 12.00

Crazy Monkey Roll

Smoke salmon, cream cheese, mango covered with avocado, eel sauce and peanuts.

$ 12.00